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Team Activities with Quest for Adventure are not only a fantastic and worthwhile way to give back to our precious environment, but they are also a great team bonding experience for the whole team to enjoy together.
We specialise in bespoke team building activities and unique Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities for government agencies, corporate sector, and educational establishments through engaging outdoor experiences.
For more information, pricing and availability, please contact us here.

Mangrove Tree Planting

Available in Abu Dhabi and Ajman

Mangroves are the only evergreen forest in the Gulf and have a unique ability to survive in this habitat. One of the major benefits of mangroves is their ability to sequester huge amounts of carbon which reduce the harmful greenhouse gases which cause climate change!


Together as a team we will travel to a suitable planting location using Double Sit on Top Kayaks or Dragon Boats, depending on group size, before planting baby mangrove trees to make your own personal contribution to the planet.

Dragon Boating

Our Dragon Boating team activities provide the perfect opportunity to escape the office and have fun in the outdoor environment.

This experience is not only a great team bonding activity to enjoy together, but also encourages teamwork and engagement, communication, and productivity. 

Optional Add Ons include Team Building Games and Beach Clean Up.

Beach Clean Up

Humans pollute beaches with materials such as plastic bottles and bags, fishing gear, cigarette filters, and many other items that often lead to environmental degradation. These pollutants harm marine life and ecology, human health, and coastal tourism.

The team will visit a nearby beach where we will work together to collect beach trash to ensure a nicer and cleaner beach, and also to improve the coastal and ocean ecosystem. Optional Add ons such as Mangrove Kayaking, Dragon Boating and Team Building Games are also available to enjoy together as a team afterwards.

Team Building Games

Today's working environment is complex, competitive and hugely demanding. By improving resilience, confidence, motivation, and developing positive relationships you will improve individual and team performance, enhance retention and increase productivity.

We provide innovative experiences that will inspire individuals and teams, leaving a lasting impression that will help any individual or organisation succeed.

Our unique CSR and Team Building programmes are available across the UAE, both indoors and within the outdoor environment.


Our CSR programmes are currently available all year round in Ajman and Abu Dhabi, and we can also offer a mobile service depending on your location. Indoor Team Building is available using your own indoor office space or alternatively a nearby suitable space. 

Contact us for more information, pricing and availability.

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