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"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school"
- Albert Einstein
Quest for Adventure offer progressive One Day Educational Field Trips designed to fit within the school day, and suitable from Year 3 and above.
Our programmes cover a wide range of outcomes including communication skills, team work, environmental awareness, observation studies, and scientific data collection.
For more information on our educational programmes please contact us here.

Nature Day

From Year 3

Our Nature Day takes place within the Al Zorah Nature Reserve where the students will explore the area using rafted kayaks. We will spot the wildlife within the forest, learn about the mangrove trees and why they are so important to the environment, and connect with the outdoors. 


Also included is a jam packed session filled with a variety of energetic and fun team games, helping to encourage communication and team work. 

Environment Day

From Year 7

Our Environment Day begins with the students visiting our in house mangrove tree nurseries, where we learn how the mangrove trees grow and survive in harsh conditions, and why they are so important to protect our coastlines.


We then explore the Al Zorah Nature Reserve using Double and Triple sit on top kayaks, spot the wildlife within the forest, and connect with the outdoors. A variety of team games tailored to the students age group are also included to finish off the day. 

Field Observation Day

From Year 9

Our Field Observation Trips include visiting our inhouse mangrove tree nurseries before we explore the forest area using double sit on top kayaks,.We also observe the impact mangrove trees have on protecting our coastlines by examining their dense root system, and highlight their importance to our oceans health.

We can also visit our land based observation areas where the students can conduct environmental surveys of these areas, and discuss their findings. 

Scientific Field Study

From Year 12

Our Scientific Field Study begins with the students visiting our inhouse mangrove tree nurseries,before walking along our elevated bridge where we can examine the dense root system, and witness the ecosystem up close. 

We guide the students through the nature reserve to our land based observation areas where you have the opportunity to use equipment for scientific data and sample collection. These areas include contrasting areas, mimicked shorelines, and natural carbon matting areas.

Quest for Adventure has an excellent reputation working with education authorities and educational establishments throughout the UAE  for their school trips.


Our main emphasis is always on fun, adventure, safety, and inclusion, and each of our programmes can be tailored for your specific requirements to cover a variety of educational outcomes. All activities and learning experiences are led by fully trained guides and leaders who follow international best practice for safety, safeguarding, and educational quality.

From your initial enquiry to the visit itself, our team will ensure that your booking runs smoothly, offering our full support including sample workbooks and supplemental information.


We will provide everything that is required to ensure a positive and enriching experience for you and your students.

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