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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago....the second best time is now. 
Mangroves are the only evergreen forest in the Gulf, and have the ability to sequestering huge amounts of carbon, over 300kg CO2 per mangrove in their average lifetime.

In order to help the UAE achieve their country wide initiative to plant 100 million mangrove trees by 2030 as announced at COP26, it requires the harvesting of over 12 million mangrove seeds by hand each year, potting, and at least 6 months of controlled growing
 conditions to ensure an adequate supply of strong mangrove saplings. 
For more information on our Climate Action Solutions please contact us here.

Sponsor Mangrove Trees

Sponsoring the planting of mangrove trees involves Quest for Adventure planting mangrove saplings on your organisations behalf. Our team would plant your sponsored trees within suitable areas of the mangrove forest to ensure that they are planted in the best possible conditions to have the optimum effect on our environment.


This will be followed by you receiving a certificate showing your contribution as well as a google maps pin of where the trees were planted.

Support a Nursery

Supporting a nursery means your contibution will be directly assisting in covering the costs associated with the growing and caring of mangrove saplings at this intensive stage until they have grown to a suitable size to be planted.


Once strong enough to be planted in nature, the saplings would be moved out of the nursery and a portion of them would be planted in your name. You would then have the option to renew your sponsorship for the following season, which allows us to continue to grow new trees within the nursery each season.

Create a Nursery

This option means that your sponsorship would go towards the construction of a brand new nursery that will ensure the creation of thousands of mangrove trees for years to come, ensuring a positive environmental affect with our efforts to help combat climate change.


Your contribution would include funding all aspects of the nursery, from the physical construction of the nursery, including irrigation and shade, to the harvesting and potting of seeds, to the plantation of the full first batch of trees produced from the nursery in your name.

Quest for Adventures mangrove planting program, which takes place in mangrove forests across the United Arab Emirates, has been hugely successful and all mangrove trees planted count towards the country wide initiative to plant 100 million mangrove trees by 2030 as announced at COP26.

All mangrove trees planted with Quest for Adventure are recorded and reported to each relevant authority to ensure accurate monitoring and record keeping each year. 
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