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Some Typical Aims of Outdoor Education


  • Learning how to accept challenge

  • Enhancing personal and social development

  • Linking classroom learning to the real world


Learn Life Skills


  • Working with others

  • Confidence building

  • Problem Solving

  • Awareness of Actions

  • Expressing Opinions

  • Communication Skills

  • Leadership

  • Risk Awareness, physical & emotional


Curriculum Links


This is an overview of the value that adventure activities play in enhancing an educational syllabus and how they can be mapped to the chosen curriculum


Physical Education


  • Selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas

  • Participating in outdoor adventurous activities

  • Evaluating and improving performance


Personal Social Health & Economic Education


  • Developing confidence, responsibility and ability

  • Developing a healthier and safer life style

  • Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people


Design and Technology


  • Developing, planning and communicating ideas

  • Working with tools and equipment to make quality products

  • Evaluating processes and products

  • Developing knowledge and understanding of structures

  • Breadth of study




  • Problem solving skills

  • Calculating the use of resources, food, water and time


Language English / Arabic


  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Group discussion and interaction




  • Breadth of study

  • Health and safety

  • Application of basic physics


School Residential Trips


We know how nerve-wracking it can be as a responsible Teacher supervising students on a residential visit, so we do everything we can to make it a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


  • All residential rooms are air-conditioned, comfortable and  secure.

  • Girls and boys sleep in completely separate areas and teachers' rooms are located close by to allow for plenty of close supervision.

  • Separate showers and toilet facilities are available for girls and boys.

  • Just as at school, we cannot guarantee 100% security for personal items brought onto camp and they will not be covered by insurance. It is therefore advisable to leave valuables – cameras, mobiles, iPods, MP3 players, computer games, jewellery, etc - at home.




All programmes are delivered by instructors who are safety focused with extensive activity experience in the UK, UAE and worldwide. It is also compulsory for all staff to pass a selection process and a series of background checks prior to being accepted as Instructional staff.


We have found the best way to help children cope with being away from home is to keep them busy, having fun from dawn until dusk.


We create a warm, supportive environment for students so they quickly feel at home and our activities are progressive, allowing students to join in at whatever level they’re comfortable with.


Our policies and procedures are designed to make sure we adhere to the highest safety standards at all times and are available for inspection:


  • Continual safety and first aid training for all staff

  • Regular checks on equipment before and after every activity session

  • Qualified First-Aider on call 24/7


Food, glorious food!


It’s important for students to maintain high energy levels throughout their stay, so freshly prepared, healthy buffet-style meals are served in the restaurant dining area every day.A varied choice is always offered, with both hot and cold meals including at least one vegetarian option and with plenty of juice and water available at all times. Most dietary requirements can be catered for as long as we are told in advance - forms will be issued to the school prior to your visit for this purpose and to establish any medical needs.


A typical Adventure day


  • Breakfast between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.

  • First activities start around 8 a.m.

  • 30 minute shade, snack & drink break

  • Lunch between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.

  • A full afternoon of activities

  • 30 minute shade snack & drink break

  • Evening Meal between 5.30 and 7 p.m.

  • The Social Sundown evening entertainment at 8 p.m.

  • Return to rooms at 9.30 p.m.

  • Lights out by 10 p.m.



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