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"If I can do this, I can do anything!"

Our Residential Programmes

Quest for Adventure Residential Trips create a positive and memorable experience that the students will be able to draw upon to help them focus on how they can be successful in all their future goals.

Our main emphasis is always on fun, adventure, safety and inclusion and we have a number of programs which can be tailored for your specific requirements to cover a variety of educational outcomes such as;

- Personal and social development

- Leadership

- Team building

- Mental toughness

- Field studies

Our team of experienced and fully qualified instructors are trained to work with groups of all ages and abilities including primary, secondary, and further education. We can also offer support for groups with special needs, disabilities or learning difficulties.

Participants of all ages and abilities frequently report personal breakthroughs, especially when taking part in adventurous activities and surprising themselves.

At our variety of residential locations across the Emirates we use outdoor adventure activities as training tools and metaphors to create situations for the students to experience and begin to experiment with their confidence building skills. 


All programmes are delivered by instructors who are safety focused with extensive activity experience in the UK, UAE and worldwide. It is also compulsory for all staff to pass a selection process and a series of background checks prior to being accepted as instructional staff.


We have found the best way to help children cope with being away from home is to keep them busy having fun from dawn until dusk.

We create a warm, supportive environment for students so they quickly feel at home and our activities are progressive, allowing students to join in at whatever level they’re comfortable with.

Our policies and procedures are designed to make sure we adhere to the highest safety standards at all times and are available for inspection.

From your initial enquiry to the visit itself our staff will insure that your booking runs smoothly, offering full support including school visits, parents evenings and a comprehensive residential package.

Please contact us to discuss a programme in more detail or if we can assist with any questions.

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