Abseiling (or Rappelling) is the technique used for descending steep cliffs and rock faces and can be enjoyed as an exciting adrenalin inducing fun experience. Sessions are run on a small group basis to ensure lots of fun.


Half Day Abseiling (Rappelling)


This session covers the basics of safety and confidence building. Participants are coached at their individual level and introduced to heights that will thrill and energize.


All equipment is provided.


No prior experience is necessary.


Price: ?????????


Full Day Abseiling (Rappelling)


A full day will give you the opportunity to learn and progress some skills beyond the basics of safety. The day will focus on confidence building by progressively increasing the heights and length of descent. This day is guaranteed to bring out the adventure seeker within.


All equipment is provided.


No prior experience is necessary.


Price: ?????????



Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Education makes lessons in text books jump off the page. Research from around the world provides evidence that students engaged in learning outside the classroom:


  • Attain higher levels of knowledge and skills.

  • Improve their physical health and increase their motor skills.

  • Socialise and interact in new and different ways with their peers and adults.

  • Show improved attention, enhanced self-concept, self-esteem and mental health.

  • Change their environmental behaviors as well as their values and attitudes.

Personal development


Through participating in our School Residential Trips, Duke of Edinburgh and International Award training programs young people of all ages and abilities frequently report personal breakthroughs, especially when taking part in adventurous activities and surprising themselves.


"If I can do this, I can do anything!"



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