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"Let nature be your teacher" - William Wordsworth

One Day Environmental Experiences

Our One Day Environmental Experiences are available from Year 3, and ensures to give every student a day of adventure and challenge, learning how to live in harmony with the natural marine ecosystem, observing the animals and plants, improving the coastal and ocean ecosystem, and also helping to combat climate change.

All activities and learning experiences are linked to each year groups required curriculum by fully trained guides and leaders who follow international best practice for safety, safeguarding and educational quality.

Sustainability and Environmental Experiences

Our One Day Environmental Awareness Day takes place in the Al Zorah Nature Reserve Ajman, with a variety of activity options including Kayaking, Beach Clean-Up and Team Games .


The students will explore the Al Zorah Nature Reserve, whilst learning about the mangrove tree, its contribution to the world's climate control, and the wildlife supported by this important eco system. Students can also opt to plant their own mangrove saplings within the forest to highlight their own commitment to our planet, and help us create a more sustainable future.


We can also include a Beach Clean-Up where we will work together to collect beach trash to ensure a nicer and cleaner beach, and also to improve the coastal and ocean ecosystem. 

Also available are jam packed sessions filled with a variety of energetic and fun team games. Our team games are tailored to the ages of the students participating and have a point scoring element to each. 

Our team of experienced and fully qualified instructors are trained to work with groups of all ages and abilities including primary, secondary, and further education. We can also offer support for groups with special needs, disabilities or learning difficulties.

Please contact us for more information on our One Day Environmental Experiences

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