"Let nature be your teacher" - William Wordsworth

One Day Environment Awareness Programme

Our one day Environment Awareness Programme gives every student a day of adventure and challenge, learning how to live in harmony with the natural marine ecosystem, navigating, making shelters and observing the animals and plants.

All activities and learning experiences are linked to each year groups required curriculum by fully trained guides and leaders who follow international best practice for safety, safeguarding and educational quality.


Adventure Activities

This one day programme takes place in the Al Zorah Nature Reserve Ajman and includes kayaking, navigation skills and shelter building.


Explore the Al Zorah Nature Reserve, learning about the mangrove tree and its contribution to the world's climate system and the wildlife that is supported by this important eco system. The group will be accompanied by a fully qualified instructor and nature guide at all times.

Learn that shelter is of the highest priority in any living situation to prevent heat injuries, while working as a team to produce the best shelter possible using the equipment provided.

Use a compass to navigate a short course using bearings, learning to measure distance by pacing 100 meters, and following a simple map to find your way.

Al Zorah Nature Reserve

The Al Zorah Nature Reserve is an invigorating green space experience, in an inland creek that extends over 2 square kilometres of biologically and ecologically rich wetland.


Home to the fish nursery of the coast, the creek and mangrove are designated as conservation areas, and Quest for Adventure commits to preserving their ecosystems and promoting their magnificence.


A large variety of rare or migratory bird species can be found in the various parts of Al Zorah lagoon and mangroves. Close to 58 different species of birds, including resident flamingos, inhabit this ecosystem.


Our team of experienced and fully qualified instructors are trained to work with groups of all ages and abilities including primary, secondary, and further education. We can also offer support for groups with special needs, disabilities or learning difficulties.

Please contact us for more information on our One Day Environment Awareness Programme