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Frequently Asked Questions - Night Time Mangrove Kayak Tours

What is the difference between a Mangrove Kayak Nature Tour and a Night Time Mangrove Kayak Nature Tour?

Mangrove Kayak Nature Tours are available throughout the day  light hours at various times ( times change as per the season ) whereas our Night Time Mangrove Kayak Nature Tours are only available after sunset when the Al Zorah Nature Reserve is cloaked in darkness.

What duration is a Night Time Mangrove Kayak Nature Tour?

A Night Time Mangrove Kayak Nature Tour is for approximately 1.5 hours.

Do I kayak for the whole 1.5 hours on a Mangrove Kayak Nature Tour?

You will not be kayaking the whole time. You will spend approximately 1 hour kayaking in the mangroves.

Do I need to paddle my own kayak?  

Yes. You will be given a paddling demo before you get onto your kayak and you will be accompanied by a guide, in their own kayak, for the duration of the tour.

Can I go to the mangroves alone?

The Al Zorah Nature Reserve is a protected area. You must be accompanied by a guide for the entire experience.

Can my child come with me to the mangroves?

Yes. Our Mangrove Kayak Nature Tours are suitable from aged 4 and your child will be placed in a kayak with you.

Do you use single, double or triple kayaks?

We use double kayaks normally. If you are a group of two adults and one child we may recommend a triple kayak to place you all together.

Is the price per person or per boat?

Prices are per person.

If it is dark... how will I see?

You will be provided with a head torch for use during the tour if needed however you will also be guided by the moonlight. This tour is to experience and sense the forest as it comes alive after dark, to hear the fish as they leap past your boat, and the intense sound of the cicadas call. 

Will I fall in to the water from my kayak?

Our sit on top kayaks are very stable however there is still a small risk you may fall out. Remain in the centre of the kayak and do not lean very far to one side and you should be fine.

Can I take my mobile phone with me to the mangroves?

We do not recommend taking your mobile phone with you to the mangroves unless it is safely inside a waterproof case that you can wear around your neck. We offer waterproof phone cases for purchase that you can use while on tour.

What do I need to take with me for a Night Time Mangrove Kayak Nature Tour?

We recommend you bring a towel and change of clothes for afterwards, and wear bug spray.


Do you provide water?

Yes, we provide filtered water for complimentary refills if you have your own reusable water bottle with you.

I am pregnant, can I still go on a Mangrove Kayak Nature Tour?

Yes you can still join on a Mangrove Tour. You must be comfortable to sit on a kayak for at least one hour and be confident that you can climb back into the kayak in case you do fall out.

Do I have to wear a buoyancy aid?

Yes. It is compulsory to wear a buoyancy aid for the entire experience.

Is there a minimum or maximum weight or size limit for kayaking?

Yes. You must be able to fit into our buoyancy aids to participate in the Mangrove Kayak Nature Tour. Minimum age for children is from age 4, and maximum weight/size is approximately 120 - 130Kgs.


Can my children go alone on a Mangrove Kayak Nature Tour?

All minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult.

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