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Frequently Asked Questions - Wakeboarding

What if I have never tried Wake Boarding before?

No problem, we have beginner lessons available! Our instructors will teach you the basics through a land session followed by one session on the water to get you up and wakeboarding, the rest is just practice!

Do you provide all the equipment I need?

Yes, we provide all equipment including a buoyancy aid, helmet and board.

Will I be sharing the cable with anyone else?

We use a System 2.0 which is a linear system that you ride alone with the speed adjusted and tailored to your level of ability by our experienced instructors.

Do I Wake Board behind a boat?

We do not use a boat, we use a System 2.0 which is a linear cable system which is adjusted to your abilities and is much easier for beginners to learn on.

Is Cable Wake Boarding better than behind a boat?

Cable Wakeboarding is easier for beginners to learn on as the cable is above and in front of you so it helps you to ride upright. When you fall the cable can be moved to where you are to grab on so you do not have wasted time lying in the water waiting for the boat to return to you.

Can my children try Wake Boarding?

Yes. Wake Boarding is suitable from ages 8 and upwards.

If I fall down is my session finished?

Not at all. Our sessions are calculated by time.

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