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Frequently Asked Questions - Stand Up Paddle Board

Do you provide all the equipment I need?

Yes. We provide all equipment including SUP, buoyancy aid, and paddle.

I have never done Stand Up Paddle Board before. Can I still try?

Yes, of course. We will teach you the basics when you arrive.

Will someone be on the water with me to teach me extra skills?

Our prices are for equipment hire only. If you would like an instructor on the water with you teaching you additional skills and techniques there will be additional cost. Please contact us for more details.

Will I fall in?

If you are new to Paddle Boarding there is a strong chance you may fall in when you first attempt to stand up.

Can I go to the mangroves on my paddle board?

The only option to explore the mangrove area is on one of our Mangrove Kayak Nature Tours.

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