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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" - Margaret Mead

Unique CSR Activities

Quest for Adventure specialise in providing engaging outdoor experiences to the public, government agencies, corporate sector and educational establishments through our unique CSR programmes.


We are committed to providing expert and innovative "Outside the Office" programmes that combine real meaningful experiences and education in a positive and creative environment. We offer you a unique opportunity to engage your company in environment conservation as part of your CSR activities.

Mangrove Tree Planting

Planting trees have become a popular choice for CSR campaigns so what makes us so different?


We are offering you the chance to plant Mangrove Trees!

Mangroves are the only evergreen forest in the Gulf and have a unique ability to survive in this habitat. Because of their ability to sequester huge amounts of carbon, one of the major benefits of mangroves is their ability to reduce the harmful greenhouse gases which cause climate change. Mangrove trees absorb 3 to 5 times more carbon that any other terrestrial forest on the planet! 

We initiated our hugely successful planting program with mangrove saplings supplied by Ajman Municipality, in 2018, and to date we have helped people plant thousands of saplings within the Al Zorah Nature Reserve. All planting is recorded and monitored by Ajman Municipality and the Ministry of Environment for growth and success rates.

Beach Clean Up

The team will visit our nearby beach in Al Zorah where we will work together to collect beach trash to ensure a nicer and cleaner beach, and also to improve the coastal and ocean ecosystem.


Humans pollute beaches with materials such as plastic bottles and bags, plastic straws, fishing gear, cigarette filters, and more recently surgical masks, and many other items that often lead to environmental degradation. These pollutants harm marine life and ecology, human health, and coastal tourism. All equipment is provided for this activity and afterwards, all collected trash is weighed and then sorted before being disposed of correctly.

Al Zorah Nature Reserve

Our "Outside the Office" unique CSR programmes will take place within the Al Zorah Nature Reserve, Ajman, an invigorating green space experience, in an inland creek that extends over 2 square kilometres of biologically and ecologically rich wetland. Home to the fish nursery of the coast, the creek and mangrove are designated as conservation areas.

The mangrove plays a very important role in our environment, both in terms of helping to combat climate change and also the many ecosystems, plants and animals that call the area home. Over 110 species can be found in the Al Zorah Nature Reserve, with the mangroves helping support this abundance of wildlife.

Our CSR opportunities are not only a fantastic and worthwhile way to give back to our precious environment, but they are also a great team bonding experience for the whole team to enjoy together "Outside the Office"

Contact us for more information, pricing and availability.

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